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Blazin’ a trail to achieve and maintain that PERFECT SIX-PACK

At a crossroad in your training? Popstar turned personal trainer Kenzie reveals howto push on from a plateau with the right mix of training and Optimum Nutition.

The search for that elusive six-pack requires a determination to succeed and a sharp focus on your goals. Certainly for James Victor MacKenzie there have been more than a few distractions along the way to achieving his. And yet ‘Kenzie’, as you may know him, has managed to stay on course to get into the best physical shape he possibly can. “I’ve learned a lot along the way, including the crucial fact that your post-workout recovery is as vital to your muscle development as the exercise itself,” he reveals.

“My training is supported by a diet that features muscle-building boosters such as Optimum Nutrition supplements,” reveals Kenzie, who switched careers to become a full-time personal trainer after playing a lead role in chart-topping band Blazin’ Squad. “Fuelling your muscles isn’t simply about what you eat before you exercise, it’s also essential that you take on post-workout shakes such as Platinum Hydrobuilder from Optimum Nutrition as part of that essential recovery process,” adds Kenzie. “The delivery of protein to your muscles encourages growth beyond your time in the gym and helps you push on when you’re stuck in a training rut.”

It’s clear that now, as a trainer, Kenzie practises exactly what he preaches.“I use protein shakes and supplements throughout the day, both pre- and posttraining to keep control of my fat levels and boost muscle growth,” he says.

Looking back at his image as a boyish rapper seven years ago it’s hard to believe the Essex-born PT is the same guy such is his transformation from scrawny to brawny.“When I started out I was a skinny eight stone kid, now I’m toned, I’m 13 stone and I’m really happy with how I look and feel.” Becoming a finalist on Celebrity Big Brother triggered a life change for Kenzie. “Being on TV made me take a look at my physique and think I could do whole lot more with it,” he says. A three-month stint of circus training may not be the conventional route into muscle building but it was the kickstart for Kenzie to join the gym.

Today, at just 25, Kenzie’s commitment to treating his body with the kind of respect that his look demands has seen him launch a successful personal training business, with TV star and great-shape poster boy Mark Wright, one of his most recent clients.

The Kenzie regime

Follow this essential combination of muscle training, cardio and fuelling to get the shape you desire


“Wake up times will vary depending on whether I’ve been working the night before too, but I make up for lost sleep by taking powernaps when I can.”
Breakfast Oats with water and honey
Training Chest, triceps and abs session
Recovery Platinum Hydrobuilder
Lunch Scrambled eggs, fl axseed oil
Snack Casein shake
Dinner Fish, steamed veg
Supplements Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil


“Discovering how supplements aid muscle growth has been a huge benefit to my personal and professional progress. I use them every day and by taking them with water I maintain a good hydration level too.”
Breakfast Banana, toast, peanut butter
Training Legs: quads and calves
Recovery Platinum Hydrobuilder
Lunch Salmon, salad
Snack Casein shake
Dinner Turkey breast, sweet potato
Supplements Glucosamine, flax seeds


“I do my cardio session running on empty, before eating – it exhausts the fat. I like to workout in company too, with others at the track or the gym. People compliment you on how you look and that is a real motivational spur.”
Training Cardio-interval sessions at the track
Breakfast Oats, whey protein shake, coconut pieces
Snack Flax seeds, fruit
Lunch Steak with mixed veg
Snack Casein shake, raw spinach
Dinner Chicken, sweet potato
Supplements BCAA capsules


“My goal is to keep working at my body and be the best at what I do. Your muscles don’t reach full maturity until you hit 30 so I’ve still got plenty to work to.”
Breakfast Scrambled eggs, rye breadand juice
Training Back and biceps
Recovery Platinum Hydrobuilder
Lunch Chicken thighs, steamed veg
Snack Fruits, nuts
Dinner Lean mince chilli, Casein shake
Supplements ZMA: Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6


“I’ll have cheat days too. I love Indian foods, but even then I’ll go for the mixed grill option. I steer clear of the real fast junk food though.”
Breakfast Fruit, wholemeal toast,whey protein shake
Training Shoulders and traps
Recovery Platinum Hydrobuilder,nuts, yoghurt
Lunch Turkey breast, spicesSnack Casein shake
Dinner Indian mixed grill
Supplements L-Carnitine


“I struggle with cardio unless I mix it up to make it varied and enjoyable. If you’re not enjoying it then what’s the point in doing it?”
Breakfast Oats, fresh yoghurt, flax seeds
Training Cardio-boxing sessions
Recovery Platinum Hydrobuilder
Lunch Chicken salad
Snack Casein shake, fruit
Dinner Tuna, salad
Supplements Organic Super Greens powder