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Training for Size

by Team ON Athlete Bryn Ray.

Team ON Athlete Bryn Ray is a dedicated fitness model and life coach who works hard to inspire others to achieve more.

If your goal is to bulk up, your training should have one primary focus – break the muscles down to induce hypertrophy. There are many different training methodologies that will achieve this, each with their own specific advantages and disadvantages.  

To achieve size gain, it’s generally accepted that a mixture of strength/power training and conventional hypertrophy training will deliver results. As outlined in our ‘Tips for Bulking’ article, I recommend working each muscle group twice a week, with the split of muscles worked during each session dependent on the number of sessions completed in a week. For example, 3 sessions a week may be split into: 1 x upper body, 1 x lower body and 1 x full body session.

However, between 4-5 weight sessions per week (gradually built up over time) is optimal for muscle gain. Here’s an example of how 5 sessions a week should be split when focused on a bulking goal:

Monday – Upper Body, focused on strength, power and compound lifts.
Tuesday – Lower Body and Core, focused on strength, power and compound lifts.
Wednesday – Rest.
Thursday – Chest and Shoulders, focused on hypertrophy, volume and isolations.
Friday – Back and Arms, focused on hypertrophy, volume and isolations.
Saturday – Legs and Core, focused on hypertrophy, volume and isolations.
Sunday – Rest.

Download an example pdf training plan for size here including guidelines for rep ranges and tempo prescriptions.*

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going. So, it’s vital to bear in mind that gaining muscle takes time and a dedicated routine of training and eating consistently, day in, day out.

* More detail on Tempo Training to follow in the next bulking training plan.