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Upgrade your Results – 6 Week Training Plan

by Dan Yeomans.

Team ON athlete Dan Yeomans is a personal trainer and 2014 Welsh Men’s Overall Physique Champion. Here he shares a six week training plan to help you upgrade your results in 2015.

Have you committed to achieving more ambitious goals this year? Upgrading your physique takes consistent clean eating and training. I have created a six week, five-day-split plan to help get you started on your upgrade journey. It’s broken out into two phases:

Phase 1 – Weeks 1-3

Ok, so Christmas has been and you’re slowly breaking yourself back into your gym routine. You’re muscles aren’t conditioned and are really feeling being put back into action. This is why to kick things off we have a great hypertrophy style programme for you to sink your teeth into. This will build you the base you need to start making those improvements, setting you on the road to your Upgrade journey.

You will start each day with a compound movement working between 12-15 reps as a maximum. This is put into place to build your muscle endurance & condition, and get everything firing on all cylinders.

Pay special attention to the rest breaks and tempos, these are crucial if you are to get the most from your results.

Your rest breaks can be explained very simply

(R-1MIN) = rest – 1 minute

Tempo – being the speed each repetition is performed

1-0-3-0 (3 seconds down, 0 pause, 1 second up, 0 pause, repeat)


Keep track of the weights you use on each and every set. This will help you make consistent improvements each and every week and will set you on the road to hitting your goals.

Phase 2 – Weeks 4-6

3 weeks done and dusted, great work!

Now you’re body is in a good place it’s time to lower that rep range, up the weight and start pushing some bigger weights around.

Time for our strength phase

As you can see we’ve mixed a few of the exercises around, rest breaks have changed and everything just got a lot more serious. With strength work you really need to make sure you get yourself into that right state of mind, where you are mentally and physically ready to push those heavier weights. Think back to the goals you committed to – this will help your dig deep and get through these sessions. Where possible be sure to have a spotter to see over your set.

The eccentric phase is very important here too, you need to make sure you bring the weight down with control. Don’t leave the weight push you down. You’re in control, you dictate the speed that weight moves. Don’t have it any other way! Form and tempo over everything else – this is key to getting the most from the plan.

Upgrade Your Protein

If you are training hard and expecting results, then you need to be on top of your protein intake. Protein helps support muscle repair & growth, so will form a key foundation of your plan. Aim for around 2 g of protein per kg of bodyweight and use a tool, such as MyFitnessPal to help you track it. Try to get your protein from a range of whole food sources, such as eggs, turkey or salmon, combined with a couple of protein shakes to help you hit your total number of the day.

I recommend Gold Standard 100% Whey straight after training, when your body uses protein to help repair and rebuild muscle fibres. It’s a good source of fast-acting, high-quality whey protein and is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), including Leucine. Before bed, I recommend Gold Standard 100% Casein – it’s a slow-release protein that will give your body a steady supply of amino acids while you sleep.

Take a look at my Upgrade Your Nutrition plan – it will help give you the tools you need to stay on track with your upgrade journey.